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"As far as I know, I see, people are usually pretty forgiving," he said. "I hope to see everyone sitting at the lunch table, it is ugg outlet deutschland not in a table all the white group and all the Asians and the All Blacks, it is not the case - it's just mixed."

But not sensitive issues to be addressed, he said. In addition to the school of ugg outlet deutschland online cultural issues, SMS events frustrated many students, who is punishing unfair distribution.

The article mentions a junior Frank Wafo as a possible candidate for ugg outlet next year's squad:. "If I start stopwafo include hashtag everyone can follow my lead."

Wafo is black. Exactly one week after the incident, Wafo said participating students also did not apologize, and ugg outlet store deutschland any member of the school management has contacted his parents. Wafo that punishment in the case of texting - a five-day suspension of six students to join - is doing something equivalent to "very slight."

He insisted that if he did the same thing, he would be fired, because he is ugg boots outlet günstig not white privileged minority, and there is no relationship between the school administration.